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can't say i saw this coming - or perhaps i did, haha! could use some sort of boob-related animation, that'd be awesome haha. but what the hell - you've already made my day. twice. just as asskicking as the first time, my friend! keep rocking... or flashing? ...flashing boobs? \m/

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

onya schlief... you rock man! \m/


I love you! Thats it!


thank you god!

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woo, sumo smackdown! just that is more than enough to please me haha. well executed, considering you only had 4 days. graphics look nice, and i had fun playing. needs more metal though, but i'll make an exeption just for you haha. enjoyed the fighting music. well done all of ya

thinking-man responds:

awww... you're making me blush :D


YAY! I completed all 25 levels! Level 11 was not hard at all... REALLY good game, anyway!


lol, this was pretty funny! not something you see everyday. nice work!

Smoking-Chimney responds:

Thanks, I try to keep the SMASH! series different to other things on NG, whilst trying to keep humour and violence too, which I know users love! I appreciate the support!

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Sounds like shit. Nerd. Haha. Man, listening to your stuff always brings a dumb smile to my face. It's great to hear some new stuff, duder. Awesome guitarwork. Some really powerful melodies in this one. Digging the later parts, especially.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks brother! I hope everything is going well with ya! You still uploading?

the face melting champion returns! glad to hear some new shit from you, jon! your shreddage is as fucking insane as always, i hear! awesome stuff man, it's always a treat listening to your work!

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks, dude! I plan on releasing more stuff throughout the rest of the year and next year as well!

what's this? 2 motherfuckers combine, to form a super motherfucker? yes, please. hot damn, those are some sick ass leads. and the rhythm is heavier than a tank on fire. man, i gotta crawl out of my hole more often. awesome work, dudlings!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Why are you in a hole, motherfucker? hahaha. Glad you came out. Thanks for the review!

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oh wow, that's really impressive actually. the proportions of the dude seem to be a bit off, but that might be the perspective playing tricks on me as well. and i would have loved some more detail on the huge mecha-guy.
the rocks in the middle look excellent, and i really like the coloring and the shading. fantastic work, for 90minutes. keep it up man!

Devastus responds:

Now that I look at it, the lighting on his jacket makes it look a bit off. Or the perspective is just botched. Oh well, better keep on practicing :P

Appreciate the constructive criticism, thanks man!

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