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Sounds like shit. Nerd. Haha. Man, listening to your stuff always brings a dumb smile to my face. It's great to hear some new stuff, duder. Awesome guitarwork. Some really powerful melodies in this one. Digging the later parts, especially.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks brother! I hope everything is going well with ya! You still uploading?

the face melting champion returns! glad to hear some new shit from you, jon! your shreddage is as fucking insane as always, i hear! awesome stuff man, it's always a treat listening to your work!

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks, dude! I plan on releasing more stuff throughout the rest of the year and next year as well!

what's this? 2 motherfuckers combine, to form a super motherfucker? yes, please. hot damn, those are some sick ass leads. and the rhythm is heavier than a tank on fire. man, i gotta crawl out of my hole more often. awesome work, dudlings!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Why are you in a hole, motherfucker? hahaha. Glad you came out. Thanks for the review!

you crazy man-person, you. as disgustingly sick as always, haha. i expected nothing less! haven't been around for a while. really glad to see you're still uploading stuff, mang!

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks Shleify man! ROCK ON!!! \m/ nice to see you in here again!

cool bananas, mang! i've been listening in on your new stuff. most excellent stuff, indeed. really digging the riffage in this one. oh, and welcome back!

XxCowMeatxX responds:

thanks bro, im glad you like the new stuff!

oooh baby! seems like i've been missing out during my unforeseen trip to the underworld. those are some sweet bananas, for one day's work. loving them melodies. though not as much as i love them vocals. haha. it's always a pleasure to hear your work, lord bad-man! 'tis good to be back, indeed

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks Master Schleif!! Where in the underworld did you go?????Missed ya! Hope you will be making music agaiN! Thanks as always for your support, amigo!\m/

a-ha! looks like i've missed some proper asskicking-ness during my absence. the stuff of cool. digging your sound, mang. but you should already know that. liking the part that kicks in around 3:45. sweet soloing as well. great job, dudeling!

Metallica1136 responds:

Thank god you're not dead! It's been so long since I've seen you on here lol. Glad you like the song man, thanks! I made it to the NGADM this year, hopefully I do well!

aweshome! your shit's improved A LOT! great song mang, really digging the riffage. heavy and in your face. i like

Metallica1136 responds:

Fuck yeah man, I'm glad you dig it, thanks!!

cooool. your sound's improved a lot, on all fronts! great song dudling, nice hearing some new (old?) stuff!

Metallica1136 responds:

Dude, I thought you disappeared from the internet! Good to see you on here! Glad you like it man, I'll post an actual new song too sometime, thanks for checking it out man!

slick riffage! pretty damn brutal. i like. can't help but feel that the drums seem a little dry in contrast to the crisp guitar tracks. nothing bad though, it's a solid mix. that calmer section was a pretty cool as well! schweet!

Metallica1136 responds:

Schleif, what's up dawg! Glad you like the track man, thanks for listening! I've got an even better tone now, I think my next song will have the ultimate mix. Thanks dude!

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