Entry #16

things n stuff

2014-04-27 03:57:31 by Schleif

hello bastards. just thought i'd write something new, as it's been a while.

first of all, i've made some music for this game, by Manly-Chicken and Pjorg
go give it a look! and a listen! har har

that said, i don't think i've ever advertised my services. so let me advertise my services - if you need any tunes for your own awesomely mesmerizing project, feel free to hit me up! while metal is my main field, i can do a bit of everything. i have a fairly decent sample library, and some knowledge in various music styles. not to mention, a harmonica i've no idea how to play! oh baby! gotta do something new with that

also, just noticed that i've reached tripple digits of followers! that's amazing, considering i haven't done much to put my name out there. you're the ones who've come to me! a big thanks for all the feedback, it really does mean a lot to me! and for all those lurkers just stopping by for a listen now and then - a big thanks to you too! i may not know who you are, but i sure as hell love you! you're all welcome in my little corner of the internet.

i know i haven't been too active with my usual stuff for a while now, i've been busy with a lot of stuff. being lazy, in particular. but i should have something new up in the not too distant future. thank for sticking with me! you're all pretty damn awesome!



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2014-04-30 12:07:13

Congrats on getting featured in that P-Bot game, was playing it yesterday and it was cool hearing your tunes, really suited the gameplay as well!

Schleif responds:

thanks dudeling! yarr, tried to catch the feel of the game